Marcia Solis

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Marcia Solis is a Costa Rican entrepreneur. Marcia started Send me South in 2012.[1]

Marcia Solis, founder of Send me SouthMarcia Solis, founder of Send me South


Send me South


Dulce Nombre de Jesús, San Jose Province, Costa Rica


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Send me South

Marcia started Send me South in 2012. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Send me South?

We began our business when we realized there was a great need of providing legal services to expats looking for a longer stay more than a vacation, and could not understand the hassle of dealing with our immigration system, plus the language barrier they had to face.

Never leave an email unanswered, even though it may be a client who will walk away.

This is a process my associate had to face, being a US citizen who came down to Costa Rica in 2010 and had to deal with our Immigration officers trying to finally get residency for him and his family. It was a very frustrating process for the intricacies it demanded from him, plus the lack of assistance he received from the authorities.

So he and his family became the guinea pigs in this process, where he finally succeeded and got their approval and all of his family had his residencies granted.

This was the moment we just said: This is a good business opportunity for helping expats have their process done smoothly through our assistance.

Even though this is not a business that generates steady income every month, the satisfaction it provides when we finally can tell our clients that their applications have been approved, this moment is priceless.

Also, the residency process not only helps expats get their cards but also, usually comes with the idea of purchasing properties and vehicles. Therefore, we decided to offer our clients the possibility to find properties and vehicles for them. This was a great success and there have been clients who have contacted us before arriving asking for vehicles waiting for them upon arrival, so we did!

The most rewarding part of this experience is the smile of satisfaction and the confident look our clients give us when we give them what they expected.

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