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Manuel Mas is a Spanish entrepreneur. Manuel started in 2001 and is based in CREVILLENT.[1]

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Early Career

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Manuel started in 2001. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on

My father has a big background in manufacturing rugs because he worked from 12 years old till now on this industry in Crevillent, so he knows the product, the processes, the suppliers and the people who run this business in our town of 27,000 inhabitants.

I studied computer engineering in the early 2000s and loved the online world. I knew then that the near-future of commerce will be the World Wide Web and eCommerce will be exploding in the next few years. I remember my first orders on from Spain or eBay in the first years… books and other products traveling about several weeks till arriving home…

So the fusion of the Internet and the rug world was clear, then was created. The experts in rugs and carpets arrived in the online world. Products manufactured in the same town with direct serving, great quality, short delivery times in Spain and Portugal, good prices, exceptional customer support and good relationship with suppliers. The experience in the offline world was shipped to online with a new company. From the old grand-grandfather ́s company experience, born in 1890, to a new opening, and from natural fiber rugs to hundreds of different models and fibers.

With a low-cost ASP programmed web and patience, turned into the number one of rugs sellers in Spain. Well, we were the only one and first at the beginning but competitors came with the years to occupy the Google pages, where we gained most of our traffic, but here we are now, nearly 20 years later competing with great companies like Amazon, Zara Home or Ikea.


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