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Mammad is an Azerbaijani entrepreneur. Mammad started Sunnah Helper in 2020.[1]

Mammad, founder of Sunnah HelperMammad, founder of Sunnah Helper


Sunnah Helper


Early Career

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Sunnah Helper

Mammad started Sunnah Helper in 2020. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Sunnah Helper?

As a practicing Muslim, I do my best to fulfill the obligations imposed by my religion Islam like daily prayers, mandatory fasts, etc. But besides mandatory ones, there are voluntary deeds that are very beneficial practically, emotionally, and mentally, they bring a kind of tranquility inside and makes you a better person and more productive in work and life and bring you closer to Allah.

There are a lot of applications in the market that do notifications for obligatory prayers. But I could not find a tool where you could set up notifications for the voluntary deeds. And I know that there are millions of other Muslims around the globe that need this functionality. So I decided to make my own tool and I was very excited about that.

But having a full-time software engineering job, family, friends leave very little time for side projects. Finding out time for my project would definitely kick me out of my comfort zone. But I was very positive about this project. So I decided to do it and started the implementation in Ramadan (April-May 2020) and COVID-19 lockdown also played in my favor.

Staying at home gave me more time to spend on Sunnah Helper implementation. Within 3 months the first version of the app was ready both for Android and IOS devices. I released them to the production in August and received a lot of good feedback. I continue improving it and releasing new features.

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