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Mahsun Avci is a Danish entrepreneur. Mahsun started Avci ApS in 2019.[1]

Mahsun Avci, founder of Avci ApSMahsun Avci, founder of Avci ApS


Avci ApS


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Avci ApS

Mahsun started Avci ApS in 2019. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [2]

Q: How did you get started on Avci ApS?

Growing up, I went to private school and was very blessed that my parents cared about my education. Somewhere around 9th grade, my perspective on the education system changed. I realized through books and YouTube videos that the life trajectory of a lot of the people I looked up to, was not aligned with what I wanted in life.

I was never a fan of what was taught in schools. Instead of religiously following what was being taught in high school, I self-educated in business, personal development, and leadership. When I was fifteen, I tried out various online businesses. I failed miserably at first. At this time I was very much into Fitness and I tried to sell training and diet plans. I managed to sell a few plans to my classmates for like $50, but it never really amounted to anything and most importantly it wasn't scalable.

After that, I tried stock trading and the likes. That too didn’t really work for me. One day I stumbled across SMMA. I was so intrigued by the concept, so I went ALL IN. I didn’t care what people thought. I was going to make it big here. I needed some proof of concept, so I convinced my dad to make me run his restaurant's Facebook Ads. I watched 100’s of videos and read tons of blogs, to know how to run successful ads and we were both pretty stoked about the results.

I knew it was the right business for me, but it was not all gold and green forests. In fact, at the start of my β€œagency journey,” it was so hard getting my feet on the ground and getting my first few clients after my dad.

To do it, I had to focus less and less time on doing schoolwork - to the point, where I was just getting passing grades. I committed myself to do a minimum of 5 outreaches to business owners every day and thought it didn’t work.

You could say that was taking the road less traveled. And honestly, I don’t mind it. I would rather work for myself - pursuing my goals, working till my eyes bleed- than taking the traditional route, going to university, finding a soulless job in Copenhagen, or interning in a major agency.

And as you may, or may not know the saying. β€œWhen it rains, it pours”. Naturally, one client referred me to another client and from that, I began building a reputation in the marketplace. Alongside that, I began building my personal brand at the side and began to leverage that to attract new clients.

I looked at what everybody was doing in the market and went on to do the exact opposite. I offered guarantees, I didn’t have a stable pricing structure, and most importantly I gave my life and soul to deliver the best possible service (I.e I didn't outsource the work like every other guru tells people to do). As the saying goes: β€œHard work always beats talent”.

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