Maanda Mulaudzi

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Maanda Mulaudzi is a South African entrepreneur. Maanda started Common Sense Holdings in 2019.[1]

Maanda Mulaudzi,  of Common Sense HoldingsMaanda Mulaudzi, of Common Sense Holdings


Common Sense Holdings


Early Career

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Common Sense Holdings

Maanda started Common Sense Holdings in 2019. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Common Sense Holdings?

I would have to say I have always wanted to start my own business even from high school. I started a business with a high school friend and we would sell custom basketball shoes. Then my second business was making school sports gear throughout the university. During this period from high school until now, I have been a professional skateboarder, which has helped me travel all over the world. This was also a way I made money through hosting and organizing events.

When you think you have all the answers that will lead you to make more mistakes if you don't know something just ask someone who has that knowledge. This will help you reduce mistakes, swallow your pride, this is business.

I graduated from university as an industrial engineer and also have a diploma in financial management and have worked in various industries such as automotive, media and broadcasting, education, and manufacturing. After five years in the corporate world, I decided to travel and explore more of the world.

The idea to start the company really came when I was on a skateboarding trip in South America (2019) where I traveled on a bus from Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) to Lima (Peru). In total, I traveled 5 countries, 5 584 km which is the same as 5 days 3 hours on a bus altogether. During my bus trips between cities, I had only three things to do: play chess on my app (which did 4,250 chess puzzles during my trip), look outside at the amazing landscape and think about how I wanted to leave the life of a 9 to 5 behind.

My 3rd last day of my trip, I was asked by another traveler what do you do for a living? and I said at the time: “Well my contract ends with the company I work for when I return home. I only have enough six months of money saved to live on. I had been applying to new jobs and have no offers. But since I cannot get a job, the only commonsensical thing to do was to start my own company”.

So when I got back to South Africa, I started my own company called Common Sense Holdings and since then everyday has been a learning experience and I am more motivated than ever to grow the company day by day into an empire.

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