Louise B. Maciulevicius

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Louise B. Maciulevicius is an Irish entrepreneur. Louise started Silksocial in 2019.[1]

Louise B. Maciulevicius, founder of SilksocialLouise B. Maciulevicius, founder of Silksocial




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Louise started Silksocial in 2019. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Silksocial?

I got into the creative industry through my passion for sales and acting! I had a long career in sales working with big companies like Homeaway and Airbnb. Before we started this venture my husband and I was newly married and on a mission to chase the American dream!

Video production is a very competitive space so if you do want to launch a business in this field you have to find a way to differentiate yourself.

We got a one-way ticket from Ireland to California without thinking of a plan B. I was gonna make it as an actress no matter what. Before we knew it, three months had gone by and we were running out of money and out of options. I learned the hard way that it’s hard to get a gig when you’re on a tourist visa! Looking back at it now, our plan did have some major holes in it, but I’m much happier for trying and not succeeding (yet!) than living with regret and the thought of “I wonder what could have been”.


We had too much pride to simply hang it in and call it a quit on our big adventure. Instead of going home, we decided to go even further away from it, to a town we’ve never even heard of a week before being there. A place called Merida, in Mexico. It was there that our candle started to burn on both ends. Not only were our funds close to a literal zero but options for getting clients and starting a business in Merida were close to none. That’s when I decided to put my sales skills to work.

My husband was a film and TV commercial director and I knew that with our combined skill set we could make something happen. I started scraping the web for potential leads who may be interested in video marketing services and came across Starterstory! Hundreds of start-ups are all looking to grow and expand their businesses online. I knew I had hit the jackpot!


After sending through dozens of emails we got a few promising responses and even managed to get on a few calls. It took every ounce of creativity my husband and I could muster to create tailored proposals to get some business with. The first few were not so successful but this didn’t stop us. We were tenacious and more importantly, we had no other choice! We were in the middle of Mexico, remember! Not the best place in the world to run out of funds!

After a couple of weeks of failed efforts, we finally managed to land our first client! It was a sustainable product company from Denmark, we found them here on Starter Story and they are our client to this day.

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