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Lisa Miller-Mecham is an American entrepreneur. Lisa started Creative Fashion Blog in 2018 and is based in Salt Lake City.[1]

Lisa Miller-Mecham, founder of Creative Fashion BlogLisa Miller-Mecham, founder of Creative Fashion Blog


Creative Fashion Blog


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Creative Fashion Blog

Lisa started Creative Fashion Blog in 2018. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Creative Fashion Blog?

Truth be told, I wasn’t always creative. In fact, I had never sewn anything until I was pregnant with my oldest. If we’re being completely transparent, I only learned to sew because I was so flat broke there was no way I could afford bedding for my baby’s hand-me-down crib. My mom came over and showed me how to make a basic baby blanket for his little bedroom and when she left, I had the most incredible feeling of pride. For the first time in a long time, I felt like I had complete control over my surroundings, my home, and my future with my new baby ahead.

> I would have started building my email list before I felt “ready” and cared less about vanity metrics and social media followers.

With my newfound curiosity about sewing, I decided to make myself a diaper bag. Since I couldn’t afford to go to a fabric store, I actually went dumpster diving in nearby print shops looking for billboard canvas scraps. Twice I was mistaken for a homeless person and chased out!

Once I had retrieved enough billboard vinyl, I sat my big, pregnant-self back down at my sewing machine and somehow made an incredibly cool looking diaper bag. That diaper bag was a huge deal to me. I received a few compliments on it and decided that even though I was an inexperienced sewist (at best) and had absolutely no idea how to run a business, I would develop my skills to create a work-from-home income and quit my call-center job. This would be my ticket to create a life where I could stay home after my baby was born.


When I decided to create a small business, I still couldn’t afford materials whatsoever so scavenged junkyards for old seat belts, convinced bike repair shops to save their popped inner tubes for me and filled my garage with “fabrics” I could use. I worked harder than I’ve ever worked before and a few years later, had a full line of handmade accessories that were carried in stores across America and sold worldwide.

how-i-make-10k-month-selling-printable-sewing-patterns-from-my-fashion-blog Cutting patterns from inner tubes with my son by my side in 2010

My little sewing business went on to ship over 1,000 packages from Etsy alone, get picked up by over 20 boutiques across the US and Australia, and participated in hundreds of markets, festivals, and craft fairs.

My products were featured in Time Out New York Magazine, the Huffington Post, The Examiner, and nearly every local publication in town.


Sewing each piece myself was exhausting (and very messy) but I loved how much I learned. Creating things, learning to work with my hands, and constantly expressing my creativity shaped my little family’s lives in ways I could never imagine.

Making things I love proved to be the fastest way that I could literally transform my entire life experience. From the clothes I wore, the decor I enjoyed, and the accessories I carried.

Since then, a lot has changed. I got married and was blessed with 2 adorable step-daughters and another baby that completed our family in the most perfect way.


I went back to college for fashion design, launched a small clothing label, and was awarded Fashion Designer Of The Year for my state the following year.

how-i-make-10k-month-selling-printable-sewing-patterns-from-my-fashion-blog My 2015 collection

Running a fashion label is incredibly hard work and difficult to be profitable, so while my kids are still small, I decided to bench my clothing line and blog full-time. Now, I get to create DIY projects that everyone can do! I love sharing my sewing patterns and ideas, helping others start their creative journeys, and hopefully inspire a few more women to live more inspired lives.

Now, my website generates daily income through affiliate marketing, ads, sponsorships with brands, and through my own printable sewing pattern sales.

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