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Lexi Harrison is an American entrepreneur. Lexi started Crowded Kitchen in 2017.[1]

Lexi Harrison,  of Crowded KitchenLexi Harrison, of Crowded Kitchen


Crowded Kitchen


Early Career

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Crowded Kitchen

Lexi started Crowded Kitchen in 2017. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Crowded Kitchen?

Back in college, I was a track & field and cross country athlete at a very small school with one dining hall, no off-campus living, and several food sensitivities. I decided to start an Instagram account (formerly @superfoodrunner) to chronicle my dietary challenges and hopefully inspire others with similar backgrounds.

Just a month or two after launching, I decided to study abroad for the first semester of my senior year. My mom, who coached me in high school and happened to be taking an online nutrition and photography course at the time, helped me continue posting on the account while I was abroad. From there, we continued posting our creations on Instagram, learning photography along the way and grew our audience to about 20k within the first year.

Just after graduation in 2016, I started my first full-time job at a food media startup (now very successful) in NYC. At the time, we were a very small team and with my very little experience with photography and social media, I was suddenly thrust into a position where I was creating professional content for well-known, worldwide food and beverage brands. After a year, I was able to take my newfound experience with professional content creation and social media/influencer marketing to make Crowded Kitchen a full-time endeavor.

There’s SO much that goes into a successful blog. Improving SEO is essentially a never-ending process, but there’s incredible potential to make huge ad revenue over time.

My now-husband and I moved back to my hometown in Michigan so I could work full time with my mom. At the time, we were making very little money, but by living at home, I was able to minimize expenses and take the time we needed to work on growing the business. We rebranded to Crowded Kitchen that November, inspired by our close-knit family and often truly crowded kitchen, as we’re all passionate about food and cooking.

Now, over 3 years later, we’re a thriving full-time business with a combined social media audience of over 200k and a leader in the plant-based recipe space. We’ve worked with brands like Zwilling, Bob’s Red Mill, Le Creuset, Santa Margherita Wines, Nespresso, So Delicious, and hundreds more. In early 2019, we launched our recipe blog, which has now grown to nearly 200k monthly visitors and continues to grow daily.

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