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Lavinia is a Romanian entrepreneur. Lavinia co-founded Livit Hub Bali in 2017, Remote Skills Academy in 2020 and is based in Bali.[1]

Lavinia, Managing Partner of LivitLavinia, Managing Partner of Livit




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Early Career

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Lavinia details the beginnings of the company in a Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Livit?

As you will probably be able to tell by reading my answers, I am a huge future of work enthusiast. I’ve spent the last decade developing & expanding a range of innovative, purpose-driven, international projects and organizations; as well as studying, researching what makes a good employer in different cultures, how to build great teams, and practicing human resources/talent development. I am originally from Romania and I’ve lived, studied, worked on 4 continents in 8 different countries, and visited 35+ others.

My business partner, Michael Bodekaer, came to Bali in the early 2010s. He was tired of the 9-to-5 and decided to build his own businesses, travel the world, and live life on his own terms. He didn’t miss the timesheets, managers, and long meetings from the office environment, but he did miss working with great people. So he founded what is now called Livit, which was initially a co-living community for founders (well before co-living became trendy :D), and then evolved into a support ecosystem for startups. Five years ago, Michael and I started working together and discovered our values and ‘WHYs’ are very much aligned.

Don’t listen to advice. Nor most ‘hacks’. Forge your own path. Seek inspiration, seek role models, but don’t revere advice. Circumstances are different, people are different.

As Michael focused on a different business, I took the lead and, over the last years, came up with the concept for Livit Hub Bali, our coworking and innovation hub, our Strategic & HR Business Partner and training modules, and the Remote Skills Academy. When I initially started out, I didn’t know how any of these would eventually look, but I had a deep passion for meaningful work, for finding better ways of working, building teams, and living life.

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