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Laura Roeder is an American entrepreneur. Laura started MeetEdgar in 2014 and is based in North America.[1]

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Laura started MeetEdgar in 2014. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on MeetEdgar?

I had been teaching social media marketing to entrepreneurs and I had an online course business called LKR Social Media that I had been running for about 5 years and I had created a training course called Social Brilliant that you can currently access if you’re an Edgar customer through Edgar University. The course is teaching people how to repost their social media and how to make sure that they can easily fill up all of their accounts across all the different platforms. A lot of our customers for the training courses were solopreneurs managing their own social media and I saw what a huge time burden it was to create content and write new social updates across multiple platforms every day.

The AHA moment that I had was noticing that your reach on any given platform is very small. You’re only reaching a small percentage of people that follow you on any platform. It’s actually really smart to make sure you’re repeating and repurposing your content. Entrepreneurs think that it seems like they are repeating the same stuff over and over again but that’s only because they are the ones seeing their own status updates, but nobody else does. It’s really smart to repurpose, upcycle, recycle and social brilliant taught people how to do that in an organized way. You would create a sheet with all of your social media updates with categories, all colour coded, so you’d know which ones you’ve sent, which ones need to be changed. SO, in 2014 when I launched MeetEdgar I wondered why I was keeping this spreadsheet and paying for a social media tool at the same time.

Social media tools did exist at that time and they do what they did then which is send an update for you but nothing more. Why isn’t the tool doing all the work that I’m doing on the spreadsheet -- that’s what MeetEdgar was created to do. To handle all that grunt work for Social media, to do more than just send out an update.

I validated the idea of MeetEdgar through the course, Social Brilliant, there were people willing to pay to learn how to organize and send updates, so I thought that they’d probably be willing to pay for a tool that does that work for them. We didn’t do any research beyond that, as far as my financial and career at the time, MeetEdgar was funded from profits from LKR Social media, we are a bootstrapped company, a self funded company and I brought over money from the social course, to create MeetEdgar.

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