Lani Eirini

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Lani Eirini is a Greek entrepreneur. Lani started LV8 in 2020.[1]

Lani Eirini,  of LV8Lani Eirini, of LV8




Early Career

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Lani started LV8 in 2020. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on LV8?

Our career paths have crossed when we started working together in the in-house marketing team of one of the biggest e-commerce websites in our country.
But before we even met, both of us had a remarkable career portfolio.

George Chatzicharalampous used to work and live in London, the UK, and George Margaritis in Gothenburg, Sweden, both in the IT area. We both started working in the field back in 2004 as freelancers at first and then as managers to different e-commerce stores.

Our idea about our agency came one rainy afternoon when we discussed that other agencies that we worked with were not performing the way we would like as a client.

Specifically, they were always slow, missing deadlines, and very difficult to communicate. This was the moment that we said: “Let’s start a digital marketing agency that actually cares about their clients”.

We had validated our business way before starting lv8 - consulting because we had many calls and offers from prospective clients even before leaving our main job.

Currently, we are expanding rapidly because all the revenue we generate is invested back in the company, either with new employers or into hardware and software.

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