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Kyle Sheng is an American entrepreneur. Kyle started Gerber Labs in 2020.[1]

Kyle Sheng,  of Gerber LabsKyle Sheng, of Gerber Labs


Gerber Labs


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Gerber Labs

Kyle started Gerber Labs in 2020. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Gerber Labs?

Unlike other entrepreneurs, my entrepreneur story started unconventionally. Growing up in America, my household was filled with interesting electrical trinkets brought home from my parent’s profession as electrical engineers. This gave me a sense of curiosity for taking apart electronics and putting them back together.

Know your customers. Know your customers like they were family, be aware of what they like outside of your product. Be the ear that listens to their problem and natural marketing will come.

As I progressed into my professional career, I discovered my passion for entrepreneurship and building great products. This allowed me to take on different roles where I was allowed to scale small businesses with big ideas. Eventually, I recognized that this kind of innovation can bring value to the Electrical engineering industry, which was my first step towards the creation of Gerber Labs.

The idea to launch Gerber Labs started roughly two years ago while working for PalPilot. Upper management always wanted to dabble into selling printed circuit boards directly to the consumer, however, they never had the right people to go forward with it.

One day, before the pandemic hit the United States, upper management approached me and the other co-founders about this idea about getting this program started. They had faith in us starting this program due to our unique backgrounds and understanding of this new digital world.

This opportunity provided me an almost perfect opportunity to merge my tinkering engineering mind with my entrepreneurial mindset. And now we have Gerber Labs!

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