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Kyle Golding is an American entrepreneur. Kyle started Vorttx Training and Testing in 2016 and is based in Oklahoma.[1]

Kyle Golding, founder of Vorttx Training and TestingKyle Golding, founder of Vorttx Training and Testing


Vorttx Training and Testing


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Vorttx Training and Testing

Kyle started Vorttx Training and Testing in 2016. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Vorttx Training and Testing?

My co-founder Tadd Weese is an operations manager for a long-term medical facility. Part of his job is doing emergency response training for the entire staff of the facility and then proving this training had been done whenever the facility was inspected by state or federal regulators.

> A huge part of our journey has been our decision to go slow with a technology product. We could have taken loans, shopped for VC money or even raised “friends and family” funding to go faster but we really didn’t want to be constrained in that way.

This is required by law, but there is no official tool, document, process etc. to execute the training and document. This would be like filing your taxes without the IRS forms.

A second problem was staff members not being interested in reading employee handbooks or watching a powerpoint presentation about emergency response. Weese had a hard time keeping their attention.

To solve this problem, he developed a game of asking random questions about emergency response situations to better engage his staff. That lead to a binder full of potential options (fire, weather, crime, medical, etc.) selected by rolling dice to keep the training unpredictable and potentially more engaging. This also included sign-in sheets for documenting who did the training and when.

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