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Kyle Bergman is an American entrepreneur. Kyle started Sweat from Home in 2020.[1]

Kyle Bergman,  of Sweat from HomeKyle Bergman, of Sweat from Home


Sweat from Home


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Sweat from Home

Kyle started Sweat from Home in 2020. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Sweat from Home?

Sweat from Home was born out of the Pandemic in late March 2020. On March 21st, my Co-Founder Brendan and I received an email from the fitness studio we both worked at telling us we had been laid-off due to the pandemic. Exactly 17 minutes later Brendan texted me and said, “What business are we starting?” and Sweat from Home was born!


Initially, Brendan and I were trying to solve a personal problem as well as a problem for the members we had who used to take our classes in person. We needed to pay our rent and quickly replace the income we made from our NYC fitness studio gigs, and our members still needed to workout. The gap in the market was enormous as gyms across the city and country closed due to the pandemic, but everyone still wanted to get a great workout in.

We were able to hit the ground running because we had an existing, loyal community that loved taking our classes in person.

While there was a bunch of noise in the market, we realized quickly that we were on to something special because of the approach and style of classes we offered paired with the existing community we had started to create a word of mouth trend via our existing members telling their friends and families about our classes.

What made our classes differently? Well, from day 1 we utilized two coaches and Zoom’s breakout room functionality to create a “switch-block” atmosphere in our online workouts. Most online classes only have 1 coach in them, and it can be very difficult for a coach to properly demo the exercise, keep time, and also give their clients the necessary attention they deserve.

With two coaches, we’re able to create a semi-private workout experience where members are guaranteed to hear their name called out positively at least twice per class. With the breakout rooms, it also creates a dynamic sense of “changing rooms” in class that is difficult to replicate in person, and impossible to do with one coach.

Using Zoom’s breakout room functionality was a no-brainer to enhance the class experience because I used it weekly in my online classes as an Adjunct Professor at NYU (where I teach an undergraduate supply chain management class). It was this previous knowledge of Zoom’s capabilities that allowed us to hit the ground running.

We were able to scale from a business operations standpoint quickly because of the experience I had developed as an eCommerce entrepreneur for another brand that was featured on here :). Creating a website, email flows, marketing strategy, and financial plan were all skills and tasks I did every day already, so it was a matter of just reapplying the tasks to our new concept.

The brand name was actually crowd-sourced from our community. We were initially called, “Let’s Sweat” but we found out that was already trademarked. We sent out an IG poll to our members and asked them what our brand name should be. Sweat from Home one, and it luckily wasn’t trademarked already (but now we trademarked it).

I think our logo is really incredible. It is a sweat drop that signifies our workouts, which then morphs into a house, which signifies the convenience of how you can sweat with us anywhere. The coolest part though is that the entire logo also resembles a fingerprint which signifies our commitment to the community. Essentially the logo says, “we love to sweat together from wherever you are.” which is exactly what we do!

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