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*Kyle * is an American entrepreneur. Kyle started Hand Held Legend in 2013 and is based in Phildelphia, PA.[1]

Kyle , founder of Hand Held LegendKyle , founder of Hand Held Legend


Hand Held Legend


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Early Career

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Hand Held Legend

Kyle started Hand Held Legend in 2013. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Hand Held Legend?

Hand Held Legend was born while I was in graduate school for a degree in the medical profession. In order to effectively study, one needs an escape for the mind; I found my escape restoring old, broken and dilapidated Game Boys for about 3 years. Not only did I have fun repairing, but I also found that I could make a buck or two modifying and upgrading old consoles as not everyone can complete technical mods.

I started off Hand Held Legend in my graduate school apartment with an old kitchen table and a soldering iron. Initially, I was selling 1-2 modified consoles per week as I completed and listed them on eBay. Soon enough this became time intensive and I searched for a way to bring in revenue while still maintaining time to study. Surrounding student loan debt is a great motivator!

To that extent, I began to create our first product, an LED backlight for the original Game Boy. This was something I had seen done before and it was not a novel or propriety idea although I thought I could make one better and keep a portion of my cost of goods sold. Sales started slowly as we had zero brand awareness. I had to engage with the local online internet community of gaming obsessed nerds like me. Soon enough the word got out but we have gone on to sell over 25,000 backlight panels for the original game boy console alone.

> Learning how and when to stock when your lead time is anywhere between 5 days and 5 weeks. Having a proper inventory with labeling and hands-on control is important to keep from wasting resources on unnecessary purchases and keeping high demand items in stock.


I learned a lot about the fundamentals of running a business through the first few products we launched and the mistakes and successes that came along with it. From margins to taxes, the wealth of knowledge I acquired through experience has stayed with me to this day and has helped me successfully run my second business in retail.

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