Krikor Angacian

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Krikor Angacian is an American entrepreneur. Krikor started Protes Protein Snacks in 2013 and is based in Brooklyn.[1]

Krikor Angacian, founder of Protes Protein SnacksKrikor Angacian, founder of Protes Protein Snacks


Protes Protein Snacks


Early Career

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Protes Protein Snacks

Krikor started Protes Protein Snacks in 2013. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Protes Protein Snacks?

I had the idea back in college when I came back from a training session at the gym I sat on my couch and ate a very unsatisfying protein bar. I thought to myself right then, “why don’t protein chips exist?”.

> At the end of the day making decisions should be taken after collecting a wide group of consultation and advice and making your own decisions.

The idea went away and I graduated from college, moved to New York City to become an investment banker. After over two years of grinding away as a banker, I realized I absolutely hated finance.

While at the bank I was covering the food space and grew an affinity for the category. My idea came back and that’s when starting the company ideation came to fruition.

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