Kismet Andrews

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Kismet Andrews is an American entrepreneur. Kismet started LoLo Body Care in 2006 and is based in Vancouver.[1]

Kismet Andrews, founder of LoLo Body CareKismet Andrews, founder of LoLo Body Care


LoLo Body Care


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Early Career

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LoLo Body Care

Kismet started LoLo Body Care in 2006. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on LoLo Body Care?

My Grandmother taught me to make Face Cream when I was about thirteen. While I enjoyed the time we spent together, moisturizer was not something I used and while it was wasted on youth, the impact of women lining up outside her front door was not; it’s one of the things I remember most.

Fast forward to the ’80s, and you’ll find me working for a large medical center. I had a creative side and was asked by the Administration to decorate two medical facilities for the holidays. When I inquired about funds to make this holiday magic happen, I was told to “have a bake sale.” Baking cookies is not my thing so I reformulated my Grandmother's face cream into solid moisturizing bars - which by the way, were just beginning to show up in the marketplace.

Making them at night in my kitchen, I sold them during my lunch hour at a table strategically positioned between the front door and the cafeteria and on weekends at Medical Center sponsored events. I pulled a volunteer team together to help decorate and sell, and each year we raised enough money to fund the raw ingredients and decorations.

Beautifully decorated trees and magical scenes were raffled off to delighted hospital staff and visitors and after four or five years a new executive team was hired and the decorations came to an end.

When the decorations and product sales ended, people contacted me privately to purchase products. Every time I thought, “this is my last batch”, I would get a ton of orders. The writing was on the wall.


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