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Keyul is an Indian entrepreneur. Keyul started Coursesity in 2017.[1]

Keyul, founder of CoursesityKeyul, founder of Coursesity




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Early Career

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Keyul started Coursesity in 2017. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Coursesity?

Three years back, I was preparing for the software engineer interview. During that time, I was searching for online courses that could help me to revise the technical concepts and technologies. In this process, I realized that I spent more time in the searching and comparing courses on various eLearning platforms instead of spending more time on actual learning.

> Don’t focus on so many things at once. This will take lots of time and effort. Set 1-2 goals and plan everything that helps you to achieve them. Once these goals have been achieved set the next goals.

After a few months, I was discussing interview preparation with a friend and he explained how frustrated to find a course on some specific subjects. He had a similar experience as me.

So I decided to create a common list of courses on different programming languages, tools, and frameworks. I collected all free programming courses from all the different e-learning sites and categorized them based on the programming languages, frameworks, and tools.

I uploaded the list on GitHub and shared it on Reddit. It became an instant hit on Reddit. Different blogs & sites copied the list and posted it on their sites. Around 17,000 courses were visited in just 4 days from that list. This validated the potential of the idea.

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