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Kelly Walter is an Australian entrepreneur. Kelly started Daily Orders in 2015 and is based in Victoria, Australia.[1]

Kelly Walter, founder of Daily OrdersKelly Walter, founder of Daily Orders


Daily Orders


Victoria, Australia


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Daily Orders

Kelly started Daily Orders in 2015. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Daily Orders?

The story starts while I was on maternity leave in 2015 with our second child. I was contemplating my future after spending (at that time) 12 years in the Royal Australian Navy. My husband was traveling a lot at the time, and I was becoming frustrated that I couldn’t keep track of his flight movements. Managing two kids was hard enough, let alone trying to figure out where he was.

I needed a planner that I could look at, at a glance, while I was in the kitchen and be able to see everything that was going on for the week. I was sick of having paper lying around everywhere and pens that didn’t work.

I couldn't find a product anywhere that fit my needs, so I figured I would bite the bullet and start a business to see if it would work.

I discovered similar products created overseas, validating that my idea was a legitimate business. I was also aware that people liked to write on splashbacks in their kitchen for something quick and easy to write on. I knew the product could be easily created - I had seen some cafes using liquid chalk with blackboards to promote their menus.

With a commerce degree, I had some idea of how the business world works, but starting a business yourself is a lot different that whan you learn in school. My husband and I had started a few businesses together before so that background helped as well. But since he was away, I got the chance to start the business largely by myself which has helped me feel proud of my achievements.

Daily Orders was the first product we have created (our previous businesses were service-based). With my risk-averse nature, I had to make sure the product was of the highest quality to not disappoint our customers.

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