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Kelly Marzoli is an American entrepreneur. Kelly started Mental Health Global Network in 2019.[1]

Kelly Marzoli,  of Mental Health Global NetworkKelly Marzoli, of Mental Health Global Network


Mental Health Global Network


Early Career

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Mental Health Global Network

Kelly started Mental Health Global Network in 2019. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Mental Health Global Network?

After both losing best friends to suicide, Juliet and I realized we needed to do something to prevent future tragedies. We realized our institutions include physical training (sexual harassment, CPR) but lack education on mental health. We missed the signs because we didn’t know how to help or what to look for because we were never formally educated on Mental Health. We both studied at the National Council for Behavioral Health and were trained in Mental Health Intervention and First Aid. We then teamed up with psychologists and psychiatrists to build a training like CPR but for mental health.

If a client or anyone wants to pay you for a service or product that you don’t have yet, go create it. Never say “no we don’t have that”. Just go make moves to make it.

As we were providing this training, people were asking for more coping tools and resources. Just like every facility has a physical first aid kit on hand, we created a Mental Health First Aid Kit with coping tools for anxiety, stress, and sensory overload.

The aha moment was in working in the non-profit space, realizing there were a lot of efforts to spread awareness, but not anything concrete happening in terms of prevention. We got in touch with local universities and held our first session, the word spread from there. Now we’ve done more than 50 training and have trained more than 3,000 individuals. We were both working in corporate America before quitting our jobs to pursue this full-time.

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