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*Kelly * is an American entrepreneur. Kelly started Brush Tokes in 2018 and is based in Orange County, CA.[1]

Kelly , founder of Brush TokesKelly , founder of Brush Tokes


Brush Tokes


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Early Career

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Brush Tokes

Kelly started Brush Tokes in 2018. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Brush Tokes?


I got into a new relationship and was told that females tend to lack real hobbies. Not just make-up and toenails, a real hobby.

I remembered I liked art as a child so I started to self-learn how to again. Being naturally progressive, I decided it would be ideal to sell my art and eventually let it replace my workplace income of being a business teacher.

However, the drawings were subjective to emotional buyers. Emotions are unstable so I shifted to wooden crafts and ensured they had a purpose. I ventured out of the wood craft market as to not be just another candy in a store full of candy. I found pop ups that let me display my business and products.

Our idea came about due to like interests of smoking cannabis and art. Once cannabis become CA legal, we decided to launch a class with the same concept as paint and sip but instead we would allow cannabis.

That’s where I found another person who was on a similar path, Natasha, and we formed Brush Tokes together where we not only focus on our shared interest of art but creating an experience that our customers will remember.

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