Kellie Yavalar

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Kellie Yavalar is an American entrepreneur. Kellie started keauty in .[1]

Kellie Yavalar, founder of keautyKellie Yavalar, founder of keauty




Early Career

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Kellie started keauty in . They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on keauty?

I grew up in a household with two sisters full of sleepovers, makeovers, and hallway fashion shows. In addition to my interest in beauty, I’ve always been an entrepreneur at heart by doing chores, creating lemonade stands, even bringing smoothies to my mom’s hair appointments to sell directly to stylists and clients.

At the age of 15, I embraced my first real job as a shampoo technician at a hair salon while pursuing a cosmetology license during high school. Leveraging what I learned, I launched my first real venture as an independent hair salon out of my dorm while attending college. Facebook was in its infancy and only available to college students. At the time, businesses were not marketing through Facebook but I had the foresight to launch a group page called “Kellie Cut My Hair” where I kept testimonials, reviews, and client appointments.


Eventually, I graduated college from York College of Pennsylvania while the country was in the midst of a financial crisis.

To leverage my experience in cosmetology, a close friend of mine introduced me to her uncle who worked at a cosmetic packaging company where I began my career in beauty packaging.


Today, I still serve a variety of prestige beauty brands around the world. I specialize in providing brands with packaging and product development services. Naturally, I feel a special connection with clients who are starting new businesses. I’ve been inspired by many of my clients and share a very strong passion for improving the overall consumer experience.

The idea for keauty came to me during a sales meeting when we were discussing innovative packaging ideas and my colleague suggested how to think about food packaging as inspiration for beauty. There was an image on his presentation of a single-serve coffee machine with pods, and I instantly thought, how cool would it be to create a DIY face mask with fresh ingredients brewed from a staple kitchen appliance.

I sat with the concept for a while, spoke to some friends about it, and for months, the idea kept tapping me on the shoulder. I kept seeing signs that this would trend with the market and ultimately, a trip to Turkey exploring the hot natural mud baths was my tipping point. The experience of a warm, natural product, directly from the earth, using simple ingredients with big effects had a big impact on me. I was determined to bring this into people’s homes.



When I decided to move forward, I would spend nights and weekends researching product formulas and developing the overall brand. A large portion of this startup process was learning. I taught myself how to use the Shopify platform and watched countless youtube videos. At times, I felt like I wasn't accomplishing anything, spending countless hours just researching and learning to formulate a strategy. Ultimately, I had to teach myself what to do, and what was next.

Throughout the entire process of starting and launching keauty, my life has been evolving on a personal and professional level. From a professional standpoint, I feel that keauty allows me to leverage everything I’ve ever learned and applied it in a way that utilizes my skills but also creates space for me to learn something completely new. On a personal level, I experienced some major life changes including a puppy, pregnancy, morning sickness, a baby, a new home, and all while working a regular full-time job. The journey has been very long and labor-intensive, but the belief in the product has kept me going.

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