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Kate Johnson is an American entrepreneur. Kate started Tula Fit in 2018 and is based in Greeley.[1]

Kate Johnson, founder of Tula FitKate Johnson, founder of Tula Fit


Tula Fit


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Tula Fit

Kate started Tula Fit in 2018. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Tula Fit?

There is a huge gap in helping women navigate pregnancy and postpartum fitness or even in general. Information and well-meaning words such as “listen to your body”, “keep doing what you’ve always done” to the other end of the spectrum of don’t lift more than 25 pounds are often given as considerations during this time.

That’s not enough.

As an athlete, I did not want to hear I could only lift 25 pounds. When I was told to listen to my body I thought I could do that… but what does that mean? How do you listen to a body that’s in constant change? I modified movements as I needed, but often more out of consideration for my growing belly not with the consideration of pelvic floor, structural, emotional or hormonal implications.

We need more support than generic blanket statements and that’s my mission in my business- spread awareness, education, and hope that women don’t have to feel alone in dealing with common issues like leaking, prolapse, and diastasis recti. There is so much help.

After the birth of my first son via emergency C-section, I was cleared to return back to exercise at 7 weeks postpartum. I was so excited but had no plan other than to get back to CrossFit. I wanted to feel like myself again. No one around me had or knew considerations that I should have been aware of. It was a humbling experience- one now I am forever grateful for. I still remember the shock and confusion the first time I leaked urine while jumping.

What had happened?

In a nutshell, I was told this was a common rite of motherhood. This was my new normal. In addition, I experienced pelvic pain, low back pain and diastasis recti that went undiagnosed until after the birth of my second son.

I felt alone and isolated which led me to take action- I wanted to know more and do better to help me heal and educate other women.

As an athlete, I wanted to regain strength, function, and performance, not just aesthetics. As a mom, I wanted to enjoy activities with my boys and be strong to care for them. As a coach, I wanted to better prepare women and know how to truly help them thrive during this season (and all seasons) which is why I pursue ongoing education in Pregnancy and Postpartum Athleticism.

I became a certified Pregnant & Postpartum Athleticism Coach in the fall of 2017. I have attended seminars on the pelvic floor and core health for Female Athletes. I work/collaborate and learn with some of the best Physical Therapists and Fitness Professionals in the world all in an effort to help women be aware and learn strategies that support long term strength, function, and performance.

This is more than a job. This is my passion. My purpose.

In the 18 months since I have started my business, I have been humbled and inspired by the stories women have been brave enough to share with me. I have coached numerous women both locally and around the world to help navigate pregnancy with specific strategies and programming, recently postpartum moms looking to rebuild their foundation to get back to doing what they love, and women who have their babies graduating high school because postpartum is forever.

I collaborate with Women’s Physical Therapists to host workshops along the Front Range of Colorado to educate and bring awareness to as many women, coaches, and communities as possible. I have held 7 large workshops and presented several free mini-workshops locally.

It’s not been easy balancing being a mom of two amazing little boys, coaching, and navigating a new business. I’ve spent more on ongoing education and workshops than I’ve made all with the intention of learning more and doing better. I am growing my foundation to serve others. I know this is my purpose. I went through a hard road of anxiety, pain, helplessness and have arrived on the other side with a voice and passion to help support women of all ages so they don’t have to say “I wish I would have known.”

In my job, I have helped high-level CrossFit athletes, Olympic lifters, casual gym-goers, and moms who just want to pick up their kids without pain. All moms are athletes and we all deserve a life of function and strength to do the things we love, whether that’s lifting weights, yoga, running, or jumping on the trampoline with our kids.

It’s time to be empowered and advocate for ourselves!

> There is no shortcut in business. A foundation must first be laid to support growth ahead.

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