Jure Pučko

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Jure Pučko is a Slovene entrepreneur. Jure started Doctrina in 2014 and is based in Ljubljana.[1]

Jure Pučko, founder of DoctrinaJure Pučko, founder of Doctrina




Early Career

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Jure started Doctrina in 2014. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Doctrina?

I and my cofounder Tomaz were both working in the pharma industry and we're always wondering if there is a more efficient way to educate HCPs besides the traditional way - sending sales representatives to visit doctors and pharmacies.

> Don’t make predictions, put yourself out there.

We knew that there has to be a more efficient way. We were coworkers in the same company, already attending webinars on different subjects and decided to test the business model in the pharma industry. At first, we were testing on our local market in Slovenia and got really good feedback in under 3 months. We soon expanded to 2 new countries where it showed they have the same problems and the same solution worked.

We got an angel investment of 50K early from a local drug wholesaler Salus d.d. who embraced our idea from the start - not only with money but also with opening doors and advocating.

how-we-created-a-90-000-month-healthcare-e-learning-platform Jure Pučko in Tomaž Erjavec, founders of Doctrina (Photo: Sabina Lokar)

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