Junaid Ansari

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Junaid Ansari is an Indian entrepreneur. Junaid started Draftss in 2018.[1]

Junaid Ansari, founder of DraftssJunaid Ansari, founder of Draftss




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Junaid started Draftss in 2018. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Draftss?

We have been running a design agency for the past 10 years as a side business. After gaining inspiration from some of our competitors in this domain providing a productized service, we came up with an idea for an even better process that is more optimal and efficient bringing out better results at a more affordable cost comparatively.

The most effective method we tried for our validation was initiating a conversation with every person who visited our website to understand more about what they were looking for and what would make Draftss an ideal provider for their needs.

We wanted to productize the design and code service domain, where a design team is like a product subscription. You buy a Design or Code subscription and equip yourself with a design or/and development team that can get everything done for you. Subscribe when you require projects to be completed, unsubscribe once you are done.

We quickly set up a minimal landing page to validate this idea. We used a decent portfolio from our past works and pushed the prototype website to live within a week. We first published a Show IH post on IndieHackers and hurray! We received our first 4 customers. We had added the Experiment Plan at $29/per task assuming that our customer would want to try our services first and then opt for the Monthly Package.

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