Julmar Grace Locsin

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Julmar Grace Locsin is a Filipino entrepreneur. Julmar started FVA Business Consultancy in .[1]

Julmar Grace Locsin, founder of FVA Business ConsultancyJulmar Grace Locsin, founder of FVA Business Consultancy


FVA Business Consultancy


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FVA Business Consultancy

Julmar started FVA Business Consultancy in . They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on FVA Business Consultancy?

Ten years ago, my husband and I were working in an office set-up. Due to a mix of struggles experienced, my husband and I decided to quit our job and transition into freelancing. The transition phase was difficult since we didn't have the facilities needed like a computer and internet connection. We worked in an internet cafe for the first month of our freelancing career until we bought our personal computer and had our internet connection.

We had experience downtime in our new career at first, but we grow and learn from our mistakes as we go along. Freelancing changed the quality of our lives, our family, and so with our marriage. We embrace these benefits to realize that if mothers can work at home, they can earn while taking care of their family.

Another thing is the overseas workers. They have been working far from their family to make a living. Those who are exhausted and feel unproductive because of many circumstances like long hours of commute eat a lot of their time, endangering their work-life balance. These are a few of our realizations why we come up with putting Filipino Virtual Assistance. Because we know how difficult it is to work far from our family, we want to empower Filipino families, one freelancer at a time. We want to provide our graduates an avenue to earn dollars at their homes' comfort, without the hassle of traffic, toxicity of the environment, and an excellent opportunity for those who never got the chance to go to College.

FVA started in August 2016, and it will turn five years old this year. We have been training 25,000 students around the globe and still counting. And this 2021, we will leverage FVA where we go for the global market.

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