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Julia McCoy is an American entrepreneur. Julia started Express Writers in 2012.[1]

Julia McCoy,  of Express WritersJulia McCoy, of Express Writers


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Express Writers

Julia started Express Writers in 2012. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Express Writers?

I found the freelance writing market in 2011 after signing up to sites that offered writing work. It was a fairly new and burgeoning market at the time, even if the rates offered on the platforms I started on were abysmal. Taking a ton of low-paying gigs was how I molded my first online writing skills. As I accumulated work, continually hit my deadlines, and exceeded expectations, the work brought referral work. Within three months of starting my entire freelance writing pursuit, I had more work than I could handle. So, I started a business, created it on the spot, and named it Express Writers.

We got clients on day one and continued to get them because I went and got them. I would get up at 4 a.m. and send out 100 emails a day to new leads.

We’ve never had funding. We’ve never sought it. Everything was a day-by-day, gut-instinct, move-fast process, and we have always had to pivot and learn how to reshape and reapproach when failures happened. I went with it and found joy because I was walking in my passion (writing). What I’ve learned is that this move-fast process is behind some of the most successful businesses in the world. Success loves speed. Failure attaches to slowness. Our quick responses and agile adaptations, or the “hard-knocks life” if you want to describe it more accurately, helped us maintain and grow our place in the market.

I move fast, think fast, and act quickly because of the pressurized, crazy environment I grew up in. This year, I’ve begun to publicly tell that story… the “other” side of my story, which is that I grew up in my father’s religious, abusive cult. I know -- shocker!

I escaped my father’s cult in the middle of the night at 21 years old, and my business, Express Writers, was both my lifeline and my way out of the cult. I had no idea when I started it that it would be where it is today. I continually pause to express gratitude for where I’m at in life. Technically, I shouldn’t be here at all, if you know my full story. This February, I published just that -- my life story in the book Woman Rising: A True Story, on Amazon. It took me three years to write. The reason I’ve felt the calling to tell my full story, without holding anything back, is because I believe it will impact and inspire anyone, at any age, to go follow their dreams, act on intuition, and seek their passion knowing that they have a fighting chance to succeed. If I escaped my father’s abusive cult while starting a business, you can follow your passion and succeed at it, too.

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