Juan Jose Delgado

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Juan Jose Delgado is a Spanish entrepreneur. Juan started Palco4 in 2015 and is based in Spain.[1]

Juan Jose Delgado, founder of Palco4Juan Jose Delgado, founder of Palco4




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Early Career

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Juan started Palco4 in 2015. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Palco4?

In 2014 my friend, partner in other initiatives and one of the most brilliant tech managers I know, Vicente Vara, finished his job as CTO of one of the main ticketing companies in Spain convinced that there was an opportunity in the market and we started to shape it.

Vicente called two people from this industry: Carlos Lara, a UX Manager obsessed with perfection and Alfonso Uribarri, a tireless Project Manager. All three had the mission of developing a revolutionary ticketing software and meanwhile I was transforming our dream into an enterprise.

The idea was simple: to create a ticketing platform that meets all the needs of the most demanding customer and with the best user experience. The fact we arrived last to a mature market allowed us to start from scratch, without compromises or legacies, taking advantage of all the knowledge acquired. We were ready for designing the most ambitious and powerful system and with the latest technology.

But we had to go one step further: we need to think about market trends and try to anticipate the new business models that were being presented. That is why we bet on the promoter of the shows as the center of our product.

The promoter needs greater profitability. The way to achieve this, is to control all the variables of its business and strengthening its brand. To this end, we offer a white-label system that is very focused on offering the promoter all the functionalities previously available only to the big players in ticketing.

To achieve it, we invested our time and our work for two years until obtaining the expected result. Our business philosophy was (and is) clear:

  • Always controlling the product: that's why we decided not to get financing through sharing out a big amount of the company.
  • Organic growth: we have developed a sustainable business model, with profits since the first year that are invested in orderly growth.
  • Ambition: we know that we can compete with the best players in the market.

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