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JUAN is a Spanish entrepreneur. JUAN started Customeer in 2017 and is based in MADRID.[1]

JUAN, founder of CustomeerJUAN, founder of Customeer




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JUAN started Customeer in 2017. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Customeer?

I have always considered myself an entrepreneur. Back in 2000, in the midst of the Internet euforia, I quit my well paid corporate job to start my first company. We began with all the traction imaginable and then…, the Internet bubble popped. Financial markets dried and we had to bootstrap for several years. We decided to persevere and to finance ourselves in a very unusual way those days, right?… by generating revenues. What a discovery!

One can surely laugh at that statement, but raising funds had become a sort of badge of honor, the ultimate outcome back in the day. And I would claim, that is still the case today. We did struggle for sure, but we became profitable, to then end up being acquired. And frankly, that was part of our success.

Had we raised funds from external investors at that time, we would have invested in a market that was still not ready for our solution, and once we had burned through our last dollar, we’d be out of business. Luckily though, we bootstrapped, remained confident, persevered, and adjusted our product until we found market fit.

After spending a couple of years running my company for the acquirer, I was ready to start new ventures. I had become an avid reader on software solutions (remember the famous quote from Marc Andreesen “Software will eat the world”) and decided to give it a try. How did I get the idea? I think it is not that complicated. You first need to think about an existing problem and think of ways of solving it or at least make it less painful. You can always see what other successful companies in other markets are doing and adapt it to yours. The graveyard is full of early innovators, and Heaven is full of nimble free riders and copycats.

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