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Ju Li is an American entrepreneur. Ju started BuyLo in 2021.[1]

Ju Li, founder of BuyLoJu Li, founder of BuyLo




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Ju started BuyLo in 2021. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on BuyLo?

I actually started my career as a Consultant at Analysis Group before joining a local insurtech marketplace as a Strategy Manager. I do not have a background in travel. No one on my team does. But we are all immigrants and we have all noticed a societal problem bubbling under the surface: increased polarization.

We believe this to be a direct result of increased social media use. The algorithms that drive engagement have a side effect of funneling us into online echo chambers. Furthermore, the anonymous nature of online interaction also distorts the way we interact with each other. People aren’t constantly broadcasting their political views and dropping zingers on each other for likes in real life. Social media is the root of the problem but they can’t be part of the solution for this reason.

How do we reverse this? We believe that travel has the power to bring people together. There is no such thing as a well-traveled racist. The very act of traveling and experiencing different cultures will elevate your consciousness and level of empathy.

As a team of immigrants, we lived this. We have traveled to another country, met friends from other parts of the world, and traveled to their country together. Surprisingly, you would think that every new place we went to, we’d find people completely unlike us. But that’s not the case. We find people who are different in many ways but just like us in other ways too. We all share the same hopes, dreams, prejudices, and biases, that are shaped by different environments.

Build something that your customers love, not something that VCs will invest in.

So we want more people to travel. We identified 3 major pain points limiting travel: (1) it can be expensive, (2) it can be a hassle to plan, and (3) it can be time-consuming. The product we envisioned was an automated trip planner that would automatically plan every component of a trip (bookings + itinerary) while considering your budget constraints (both time and money-wise).

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