Josh Bluman

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Josh Bluman is an American entrepreneur. Josh started VIVO Masks in 2013.[1]

Josh Bluman, founder of VIVO MasksJosh Bluman, founder of VIVO Masks


VIVO Masks


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Early Career

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VIVO Masks

Josh started VIVO Masks in 2013. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on VIVO Masks?

Prior to VIVO Masks, Jackson and I were online marketers, working at various agencies and marketing different small and large businesses. We were both also very entrepreneurial, having had some small successes with other endeavours, but had never committed to growing a full-on ecommerce company.

Being well versed in online marketing, we were already familiar with the tools to evaluate potential business ideas and while looking for product ideas we came across an unusually high number of people searching for masquerade masks (using the Google search tool). And when looking at what was being sold, we thought we could do much better. They were for the most part cheap, plastic, mass-produced masks.

> It may not be a success, but just taking some action, and trying to get something going is key.

So, we searched and searched and eventually found manufacturers in Italy producing some of the nicest masks we’ve ever seen, which we then were able to partner with and bring to the North American market.

While we had online marketing skills, prior to starting this business we had no prior experience in selling masks. We both had full-time jobs, and we both had never started our own ecommerce store.

When looking at the potential opportunity, we just thought to ourselves, ‘if we were attending a masquerade party, what would we want to wear?’. So we placed our first small mask order and turns out our assumptions were right. We sold them right away and a month later we were ordering more.

Thankfully, because we were both still working at the time, we had the cash flow coming in to support the inventory costs of getting the business going.

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