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Jordyn is an American entrepreneur. Jordyn started Jordyn Alison Designs in 2018 and is based in Michigan.[1]

Jordyn, founder of Jordyn Alison DesignsJordyn, founder of Jordyn Alison Designs


Jordyn Alison Designs


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Early Career

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Jordyn Alison Designs

Jordyn started Jordyn Alison Designs in 2018. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Jordyn Alison Designs?

A few years ago, my boyfriend (now husband) went off to Boot Camp. In preparation for those months of zero communication, I started hand lettering and making long-distance greeting cards. I needed something to occupy my time… something more than just college!

When I first started my business, I was working full time as well as being a full-time college student. It was really hard to grow my business to what I dreamt it could be when I didn’t have a ton of time to spare. It’s taken me some time to not get discouraged from others’ faster success. However, looking back I really do appreciate my slow-but-steady growth.

In December of 2017, I graduated with a Bachelors in Graphic Design. I was looking forward to 2018 finally being my year to fully work on growing my business - but life happened, and let’s just say… moving across the country (22 hr drive non-stop) 3 times in 5 months really tires you out.

In 2019, I only moved one time so I ended up seeing the most growth in one year’s time since the start of my business. It felt really great to finally see some hard work paying off.

Stay focused on yourself and your journey. I often find myself feeling β€˜behind’ other small businesses. Social media makes comparing yourself to others really easy.

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