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Jordan Williams is a British entrepreneur. Jordan started Snake Oil Music News in 2019.[1]

Jordan Williams, founder of Snake Oil Music NewsJordan Williams, founder of Snake Oil Music News


Snake Oil Music News


Early Career

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Snake Oil Music News

Jordan started Snake Oil Music News in 2019. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Snake Oil Music News?

I've always been into music and going to gigs from such a young age my first gig was Busted at Nottingham Arena in 2004 and since then, I just fell in love with music and going to gigs. As I got older my taste changed. I started listening to the indie brit-pop scene and was lucky enough to see Oasis in Cardiff at the Millenium Stadium in 2009 supported by Kasabian and The Enemy. That night changed my life, I just knew I wanted to grow up listening to music and going to gigs.

When I got to start earning money I would have got paid on a Friday and straight away looking at buying gig tickets to see bands and live music all over the country.

The idea of the page came in 2019, that year I attended 173 gigs, 11 Festivals all of which had me posting all about them on my personal Facebook page averaging 3 gigs a week. When new music came out I would always share it commenting my opinions and thoughts of the release a bit like a mini-review.

I got various comments and messages saying that I should do a blog and document all the gigs, festivals I attend, I don't know if they were being helpful or just sick of me spamming Facebook with gig posts.

I was uming and aring for months whether I wanted to do it or not until I said to myself why not this could actually be a good thing to do and have a page full of music, gigs, and memories that I love. So on 8th October 2019, I bit the bullet and launched the page “Snake Oil Music News”.

I was unsure at the start if this was going to work or even if there was interest there but as soon as the page launched it went mad and was gaining hundreds of likes and followers which felt great and were quite overwhelmed with the response of it all to be fair.

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