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Jonas Forth is a Finnish entrepreneur. Jonas started All Things Commerce Helsinki Ltd. in 2014 and is based in Helsinki, Finland.[1]

Jonas Forth, founder of All Things Commerce Helsinki Ltd.Jonas Forth, founder of All Things Commerce Helsinki Ltd.


All Things Commerce Helsinki Ltd.


Helsinki, Finland


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Early Career

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All Things Commerce Helsinki Ltd.

Jonas started All Things Commerce Helsinki Ltd. in 2014. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on All Things Commerce Helsinki Ltd.?

My background is in journalism and online content production, but I have also worked extensively with different companies on developing digital products. This has always given me a good understanding of the combination of content and technology.

My previous experience certainly helped when we originally conceptualised the site and online store. But it has certainly been a learning process as the e-commerce field is quickly growing and practices change.

We came up with the idea of ATC after seeing similar brands struggle with their online presence and decided to see if we could develop it into a service, combining content with commerce.


Nowadays, we mainly work with the global brand Moomin, and after four years with the brand, we have been able to test out different sales models and processes.

In practice, we work as Moomin’s official communications channel, ranging from creating high-level content in-house and managing all marketing efforts.

We’re hoping to be able to serve other brands with a similar content structure, perhaps with a stronger focus on the commercial side.

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