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Joe Stech is an American entrepreneur. Joe started Compelling Science Press in 2016 and is based in Louisville.[1]

Joe Stech, founder of Compelling Science PressJoe Stech, founder of Compelling Science Press


Compelling Science Press


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Early Career

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Compelling Science Press

Joe started Compelling Science Press in 2016. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Compelling Science Press?

I currently manage a software team for a large tech company, which gives me the financial flexibility to work on side projects that may not be big money-makers.

In the case of Compelling Science Fiction, I was getting ready for bed one night and started discussing science fiction with my wife. I told her that I had always wanted to get involved with the genre in some way, and realized that I could devote some time and money to supporting new authors. She told me that I should go for it. I'm not sure she realized the extent of the time sink, but she's been amazingly supportive throughout the process.

After deciding to jump in, I wanted to know if I could garner any interest in the kind of science fiction I wanted to support. I knew people like me were out there, but customer acquisition for low-margin businesses can be really hard.

I put up a landing page to collect emails, and chose the name because it reminded me of Astounding Stories, which went on to become Analog Science Fiction and Fact (the most enduring such magazine in history).

The landing page was extremely simple -- literally just a block of text talking about how I wanted to support hard science fiction and inviting people to join me.

I emphasized that readers can take action to help create what they want to see in the world, and that I'd let them know when the first issue launched.

I didn't even have a single image on the site, just text and an email submission form. I Also included an email address for authors to start sending me submissions.

Here’s what the landing page looked like:


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