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Jodi Carlson is an American entrepreneur. Jodi started Leader Connecting Leaders in 2014 and is based in Cleveland, Ohio.[1]

Jodi Carlson, founder of Leader Connecting LeadersJodi Carlson, founder of Leader Connecting Leaders


Leader Connecting Leaders


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Leader Connecting Leaders

Jodi started Leader Connecting Leaders in 2014. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Leader Connecting Leaders?

When I graduated high school I didn’t stop with the hobby instead I then joined back in as an adult volunteer and became a Girl Scout leader for the same troop my mom started for me when I was 6 years old. So with over 25 years of Girl Scouting experience, I really thought I would be a leader forever.

> Blogging is work, don’t start blogging and expect to quit your day job overnight. Any blogger who claims you can make 100k in 6 months either was super lucky or lying.

Then in 2015, I was blessed with a Son and quickly found out the time it took to run a troop and raise a child was not there so I stepped down as a Girl Scout Leader, but quickly missed the planning part of being a leader, so I decided to take my 25 years of experience and my 10+ years of web design and build a blog sharing all my knowledge to help other leaders plan and run their troop meetings easier. I started creating activity booklets to help earn the badges with everything you need to earn badge.

Since 2015 when I started the blog, I currently now have over 95 activity booklets and lots of free resources on the blog for planning meetings, ceremonies, parties, and badge earning. My site has grown into a resource for any organization inspiring girls to be leaders of tomorrow; I am reaching girl leaders in many organizations such as Frontier Girls, Girl Scout Leaders, Heritage Girls, and Girl Guides in other countries. And most recently discovered homeschooling parents and teachers are using my programs as well.

To this day it is hard for me to believe what I am doing and how it got started. Believe it or not, this blogging business came to be as an accident.

I started a blog to help myself and to help other leaders in my community. With two decades of experience in Girl Scouts under my belt, as a scout, then as a troop leader, I wanted to start documenting the activities so I have them as references to use again. For example, I would write out everything someone would need to run a certain type of party or how to earn a certain badge.

For example, our troop ran a Alice in Wonderland party so I shared the decorations, games, crafts and any other interesting things we did at the event. Then I publish the post on the blog I built and send the links out to leaders that lived in my area so they could use it with their girls in their troops.

Then one day everything changed, I went from just documenting things for a handful of people to a blog that would help 1000s of people and become a profitable project. This happened when I received an email from a leader on the other side of the country interested in one of the badge activity booklets that I mentioned on a blog post.

I was shocked someone so far away found my site, but Google will index anything. So from that day forward, it sparked the idea to start offering booklets for sale. My first activity booklet was the comic artist activity booklet, which for the first few weeks was simply a Paypal link on the website where I would manually send the booklet to people.

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