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Jocelyn Thompson is an American entrepreneur. Jocelyn started EPIPHANY LA in 2017 and is based in Los Angeles.[1]

Jocelyn Thompson,  of EPIPHANY LAJocelyn Thompson, of EPIPHANY LA




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Jocelyn started EPIPHANY LA in 2017. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on EPIPHANY LA?

I graduated from USC in 2010 and struggled to figure out what I wanted to do in life. I found myself working at Hulu, in a digital sales role where I crunched impressions into excel sheets all day and wasn’t happy.

I had a friend’s wedding around the corner, and we were going to the Virgin Islands on a cruise. I prepared for the trip by purchasing several new swimsuits and I wanted padding enhancers to put in my swimsuit tops since bikinis are notorious for providing thin, flimsy liners that offer no support or shape.

As an Amazon Prime member, my first thought is always Amazon. I went online and ordered about 5 pairs of padding inserts from 5 different companies because I wasn’t sure which would look best, so I wanted to try them all. When they arrived I was so disappointed. The inserts all looked horrible. Many of them had thick edges, so they were extremely obvious under my thin swimsuit. Some of the inserts were pointy and had unnatural shapes, and most of them were only offered in two sizes (small/medium) or (medium/large) and neither size fit me.

This was my “ah-ha” moment where I realized there was a hole in the market. How hard could it be to create a properly sized insert, with thin edges, that looked natural while still increasing the size of your chest? I was about to find out…

I had a check for $15K to start. I was too scared to take out another loan on top of my student loans and $15K seemed like so much money at the time. Now I look back at this, laugh, and wish I had trusted myself more.

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