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Jesus Vargas is a Mexican entrepreneur. Jesus started LowCode Agency in 2020.[1]

Jesus Vargas, founder of LowCode AgencyJesus Vargas, founder of LowCode Agency


LowCode Agency


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LowCode Agency

Jesus started LowCode Agency in 2020. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on LowCode Agency?

I have always considered myself an entrepreneur, and have started quite a few businesses. For many years, I had a business called Legal Cloud Solutions. We were 100% focused on the legal industry, helping lawyers systemize their operations through custom made software. We felt that there was a huge opportunity in the market, looking at how manual all of their processes are. We found out that lawyers are old school and they do not like changes!

On top of that, I had a technical partner that did the actual coding. Even though I had a full understanding of the processes, built the flows, and can read code; I’m still not a developer, so could not build the actual product. That was always a challenge with my partner and we drifted off.

One lazy day, browsing Product Hunt, I came across a tool called Glide apps. The tagline was β€œcreate an app from a Google Sheet”, and that piqued my interest. I definitely could do that! I opened up my account and started playing around. In 3 hours, I had built an app for a solar panel business I have where I could track my proposals and clients (something like a mini CRM).

I immediately fell in love. I spent hours and sleepless nights learning how to build apps with this tool. Finally, I didn’t need a technical partner to build all the apps I had in mind!

That same week, I had lunch with a friend that owns a bunch of Airbnb properties. He was looking for a solution to spend less time answering calls and texts from his guests. β€œAre you willing to pay 1k for a personalized app that has all of your house information, rules, tours, and extra services you provide for your guests?” Absolutely, was his answer. I had my first client. Time to start building!

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