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Jessica Stellwagen is an American entrepreneur. Jessica started Bodify in 2015 and is based in Arizona.[1]

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Jessica started Bodify in 2015. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Bodify?

My sister had a recovery concierge business and sick and tired of the invasive aesthetic industry.

She felt results never amount to what was promised, patients felt as if they were hit by a train after an invasive procedure, and the downtime was typically unbearable. She loved the idea of transforming bodies but hated surgery, downtime, pain and potential complications.

As a child I was once told, “it’s a good thing you work hard because you are pretty stupid.” For some reason that comment left its mark and I knew without a doubt I’d play a big game, build a successful company, and prove that person wrong.

I on the other hand, was going from business to business working for different organizations and trying to find my place in the world. I love people, I love to uplift, and I wanted to make sure I found a career path that allowed me to actually help people yet be genuine. Something inside of me always knew my passions and my sister’s passions would eventually align and we’d do something big!

As someone who personally struggled with body image, I was thrilled Melissa was working in a business that offered CoolSculpting and had first hand experience with it and how well it worked! We felt the technology spoke for itself and we knew that good, bad, right, or wrong, how people feel in their skin, impacts how they operate in the world, how they perceive themselves, and how others perceive them. So how cool that we could have a technology that positively impacts people, allows us to build a business together, and also build a team that we love, respect, and shows up to work everyday happy to be there?!

My sister had been in the aesthetic space long enough to know most device companies oversell what the device is capable of and all they care about is selling you the machine and then selling you the new version the next year.

Something that really drew us to CoolSculpting, outside of the fact that my sister had seen wonderful results from it on 100s of patients, is their business model.

CoolSculpting has reps that sell the machines, but they also have PDMs- practice development managers- assigned to your account. These individuals make their money in two ways. 1- when you buy consumables needed to run the machine. 2- when you actually use the consumables. This, from our perspective, meant that the reps would also have skin in the game and a sincere desire to help you grow your practice. The running joke among CoolSculpting reps is,

“If you don’t treat, we don’t eat!”

We liked this model and felt it was much stronger than the typical model of device companies that sell you a machine and don’t care if you succeed. The sales reps often, fall of the map until the next version is available. At which point, they show back up and try to get you to buy the new and upgraded device.

CoolSculpting, outside of the machine color, has been the same device from day one. The only thing that has changed is how many body parts can effectively be treated and are FDA-cleared for the device, and how many applicators the device has.

When we opened Bodify Zeltiq was still the owner of CoolSculpting and committed dollars to direct to consumer marketing. This was also a big factor in our decision. We wanted to offer a technology that had a strong company behind it that no only loved it product but also put money behind marketing it.

As of today, Allergan (recently sold) is investing 65 million a year to marketing CoolSculpting, this helps us tremendously. They have penetrated the marketplace and created tremendous brand awareness around CoolSculpting. When we first opened, we could go to the grocery store in our CoolSculpting scrubs and no one came up to us, now, everytime I go to a store at least 5-10 people ask me about the technology, how it works, if it works, how much it cost? It’s a good problem to have!

The decision to go all in with CoolSculpting came when we went to an investor and our friends and family and got a YES from each and every person, we knew we were on the right path. So we took a leap of faith, hired a medical director, bought 2 machines, signed a 5 year lease, had a website built, and began to market. My sister and I grew up with two parents who both owned businesses, so taking calculated risks and thinking like entrepreneurs is in our DNA.

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