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Jenni Jo is an American entrepreneur. Jenni started Jenni Jo - Tension Tamer®️ in 2019 and is based in Portland.[1]

Jenni Jo, founder of Jenni Jo - Tension Tamer®️Jenni Jo, founder of Jenni Jo - Tension Tamer®️


Jenni Jo - Tension Tamer®️


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Early Career

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Jenni Jo - Tension Tamer®️

Jenni started Jenni Jo - Tension Tamer®️ in 2019. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Jenni Jo - Tension Tamer®️?

I’ve had the Airstream Dream for about 15 years now. First of all, who doesn’t love the beauty of the shiny silver Airstreams? And to have a business on wheels, well, that’s the cat’s meow! I had gone so far to have owned 2 vintage Airstreams over the last 15 years but for one reason or another, I chickened out and became overwhelmed with the scope of the project and gave it up, selling my trailers.

> Even when the ground feels shaky and you doubt and question everything, use that as a signal to go within and get quiet.

Then life happened. I got married, had twins and then got divorced 5 years later and during that time is when my midlife awakening happened. “It’s now or never.” So, the silver lining in my dark chapter in my life gave me the courage to go after my dream. And in my case, it’s a teeny, tiny, silver mobile body care spa. To be honest, the longer I was in the profession the less I enjoyed doing onsite gigs. Hauling equipment around is cumbersome and tiring. I bring ALL the gear. Towel warmer, body cushions, table warmer, lighting, music, aromatherapy. It’s not just a massage, but an experience.

But why mobile, you ask? And how is this idea being validated? In 2007 I was asked by Faith Hill to be her personal massage therapist during her summer tour. Right then my gift of massage was validated. And as far as the mobile part goes, the pilot light was lit again in 2018. I was hired by Amos Lee for two concerts in a row at outdoor amphitheaters. If I would have had my mobile studio at either location, I could have spent so much more energy and time doing therapeutic healing work on the artists versus moving equipment around from trailer to trailer. I could travel throughout Oregon and just pull up to the venue and be ready to tame tension!

This project has been purely self-funded.


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