Jen and Ben Goldberg

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Jen and Ben Goldberg is an American entrepreneur. Jen started New York Food Truck Association in 2016.[1]

Jen and Ben Goldberg, founder of New York Food Truck AssociationJen and Ben Goldberg, founder of New York Food Truck Association


New York Food Truck Association


Early Career

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New York Food Truck Association

Jen started New York Food Truck Association in 2016. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on New York Food Truck Association?

After graduating from New York University with my undergraduate degree, I launched my own food truck selling Belgian style french fries with gourmet dipping sauces. After a year of learning the ropes, I quickly realized that the money wasn’t in traditional street sales -which was full of long grueling hours, low margins, labor-intensive, weather dependent. Instead, in an ‘aha’ moment, while catering an event for a senior VP at a big fortune 500 company, I realized that the entire food truck events market in the NYC-area was vastly untapped.

I realized that these catering events were much more profitable for food truck owners, while at the same time much more affordable than traditional catering for event hosts.

After discussing the idea for several weeks, my wife and business partner quickly pivoted to focus on events catering and corporate marketing. Leveraging my business education and industry expertise, we started our food truck association and put in countless hours of work into building a brand and network.

Traditional associations focus on advocacy, which we do as well, but we realize that the way to have the biggest impact on our members’ lives and livelihoods is to help them financially. We can do this by providing them ancillary revenue streams to their traditional street sales.

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