Jeff Schattner

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*Jeff Schattner * is an American entrepreneur. Jeff started Lawrence Hunt in 2016 and is based in Detroit, MI.[1]

Jeff Schattner ,  of Lawrence Hunt  Jeff Schattner , of Lawrence Hunt


Lawrence Hunt


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Early Career

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Lawrence Hunt

Jeff started Lawrence Hunt in 2016. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Lawrence Hunt ?

I’m a CPA by training and have worked in Finance my entire career, but my passion has always been in problem-solving and coming up with new business ideas. The idea for Lawrence Hunt came to me while I was a friend’s outdoor wedding during a sweltering 90-degree day. I wanted to enjoy the wedding, but all I could think about was how uncomfortable I was in my dress clothes, sweating my *ss off.

I went back to google to see what was on the market. This was around 2013 and the only options were traditional dress shirts that felt nice, but awful for hot/sweaty situations, sweat-shields (never wanted to try one), undershirts (even hotter), and these performance dress shirts like your lululemon/Nike long sleeve golf shirt. I got a few of the other performance dress shirts, and they were good for sweat, but they weren’t great for all body types, with a more silky look. And for someone in finance that needed to look professional, or for formal situations, they were not ideal. I needed something that combined the best of professional wear with the best of performance wear. And so...Lawrence Hunt Fashion was born.

The Lawrence Hunt design

At this time, I was working in Corporate Accounting for a large automotive manufacturer. I didn’t have a background in fashion or clothing production, so I began to immerse myself in the field and meet as many people in the industry from manufacturers to designers to photographers in Michigan and the Detroit area that I could. I took a trip to the Magic trade show in Las Vegas and began to validate the idea. Working in finance, I felt I was an ideal avatar for the business and had an ideal audience at the office to gather feedback from. I wasn’t able to move as fast as I would like. My wife and I had our first child shortly before my “aha” moment. Needless to say, with a new child and a full-time job, it was a busy time. In mid-2014, two months after having our second child, I launched a Kickstarter as the final validation step.

My basement in 2014, during our Kickstarter campaign

Put yourself in a position to have a long runaway. If I had quit my day job when we first launched, I wouldn’t have lasted a year. It took four years for our patent to come through.

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