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Jeff Carrier is an American entrepreneur. Jeff started Restoration Digital Marketing in 2017 and is based in Asheville, NC.[1]

Jeff Carrier, founder of Restoration Digital MarketingJeff Carrier, founder of Restoration Digital Marketing


Restoration Digital Marketing


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Restoration Digital Marketing

Jeff started Restoration Digital Marketing in 2017. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Restoration Digital Marketing?

The idea came to us after speaking to many restoration owners about their experience in generating new leads and sales and their lack of focus on the internet. A lot of the restoration industry, like other small local service companies, was built on old school face to face, handshake marketing. These owners know how to get out in their local community and make connections, but when it comes to online, they don't know who to trust or even the right questions to ask. That’s why one of our first goals in launching Restoration Digital Marketing (RDM) was to educate the industry and restoration owners.

Being connected to the industry so well, we made an early impact by having a cover article featured in Cleaning & Restoration magazine, a top industry resource with our feature - What To Know About SEO. Where I literally gave the playbook on how to set up your website for success online. The goal was to be the authoritative voice in the industry, even if it meant losing clients by giving away the process in the short term. From there I went on to write many more articles for Restoration & Remediation magazine.

Develop the client relationship. Become a friend to them. Not everyone can perform perfectly (especially in SEO) but your friend will work with you through the challenges, whereas any other client might just jump ship to someone else.

The other thing we recognized with online marketing is that it was common for other digital marketing agencies to take on too many clients and couldn’t keep up with the monthly workload needed. On top of that, many restoration companies weren’t set up to just “launch” into a regular SEO month to month agreement, their website would be outdated, and not have enough content. Remember oftentimes these restoration companies haven’t paid attention to their online presence for five or more years. They need a complete rehaul before even starting. We felt we could bring a unique perspective and handcrafted experience to the whole online digital marketing process for restoration companies. We also didn’t want to have any salespeople in the process. Often times at other agencies, your direct contact is to someone who doesn’t know SEO and only a salesperson/business development. With us, it’s direct access to the content creators and SEO strategists.

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