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Jean seo is an American entrepreneur. Jean started Evolue Skincare in 2015.[1]

Jean seo, founder of Evolue SkincareJean seo, founder of Evolue Skincare


Evolue Skincare


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Evolue Skincare

Jean started Evolue Skincare in 2015. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Evolue Skincare?

When I opened my beauty store in 2007, I carried the most up-and-coming brands from around the world. From Tata Harper to Ilia (if you a skincare junkie: you know who they are), my store was home of cutting-edge skincare.

However, it’s only after one of my oldest Russian clients (let’s call her Olga lol) who expressed her interest in natural anti-aging alternatives for her pricey trips to her plastic surgeon - that Evolue came into fruition.

10 years ago the Clean beauty world wasn't as big as it is now as it was a very niche market that only accounted for 30% of the beauty market. I was therefore a pioneer in the Clean, Multifunctional, and non-binary market.

THIS is when I had that infamous “lightbulb moment”. I was then determined to solve Olga’s (and all her girlfriends) problem.

Armed by my Library Science degree - I turned into the ultimate “bookworm machine” and researched what makes human skin age.

I discovered that our skin ages due to a depletion of “Natural Moisturizing Factors”, we droop because we lose collagen and elastin, we wrinkle because we lose sodium hyaluronate or Sodium-PCA. I also learned that skin will thin and become irritated because most products and procedures designed to get rid of dead and damaged skin cells are too harsh for our skin.

With knowledge under my belt, I went on a mission to source the cleanest ingredients around the world that replace fatty acids, moisture, oils, collagen, and elastin that we lose with age.

Few years after that breakthrough I launched my hero product which sold at over 300k units: the Super Oil Face Serum.


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