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JB Kellogg is an American entrepreneur. JB started Madwire® in 2009 and is based in Fort Collins, Colorado.[1]

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Early Career

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JB started Madwire® in 2009. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Madwire®?

I played college football at the University of Western New Mexico. It was like a full-time job, so after my senior season when football was over and I still had one semester left, I had a lot of time on my hands, which I was not accustomed to. I didn’t like it - I prefer to be busy. So, I decided to walk down to a local travel magazine company a few blocks off campus called Zia Publishing.

I knew I had a talent for design and marketing (I self-taught myself digital design and went to school for marketing), so I walked in and asked if I could intern there in my final semester. They said they didn’t require any design or marketing but they did need a new website. They asked me if I knew how to design and build a website. This was early 2005 and website design and development were still pretty new. I told them, no, but if they gave me a desk, computer, and a couple of months, I’d figure it out. So they did.

Over the next eight weeks, I learned everything I could about website design and development. I designed and built the website two or three times over before I felt confident enough to show the owner, Terry. When I showed her the website, she paused and said, “This is the best website I’ve ever seen. Not only is it beautiful, but it achieves all our needs and goals.” I knew at that moment I had a talent not many people had at the time. I told my Dad I thought there was a business opportunity. He agreed, but the industry was mostly freelance at the time and he was running a successful brokerage company called Traders Network and wanted me to come work with him and test some of the digital marketing and design strategies there first.

So we did. We redesigned Traders Network’s website many times, tested Google ad campaigns when they very first came out, created automated email marketing campaigns, developed online trading software, brokerage CRM software, and much more. We learned a lot.

In 2009, while working out during our lunch break as we do together every day, we started talking about how our strategies would work well to help any business grow, and how the way businesses were marketing was changing from traditional offline methods to new digital online methods. Exactly what we were successfully doing. Within that one hour workout, we came up with the entire business plan for Madwire and our mission of helping small businesses grow and the enormous impact that could have if we did it right.

Over the next three days following our “big idea”, we fine-tuned our business plan and strategy. The following Monday we decided to go all in. My Dad handed the brokerage company off to his partner, I gave up all my accounts, and we started Madwire in a tiny little office that barely fit two people.

My Dad (Joe Kellogg) and I share a few memories of the early days

Source [1]



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