Jay Fuller

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Jay Fuller is an American entrepreneur. Jay started FLXCUF in 2017 and is based in Chicago.[1]

Jay Fuller, founder of FLXCUFJay Fuller, founder of FLXCUF




Early Career

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Jay started FLXCUF in 2017. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on FLXCUF?

I came up with the idea while working behind a bar. My uniform was a dress shirt and given the nature of the business -- I ALWAYS rolled up my sleeves. The problem, they never stayed up or looked good. It was a classier place, so appearance was just as important as functionality. I started using rubber bands behind my cuffs. That worked as a temporary fix, but it also cut off the circulation in my arms.

> Go for it. If you have an idea, embrace uncertainty and make it happen.

Fast forward to my first-day job in marketing for a casino, I began doing the exact same thing. I would roll up my dress shirt sleeves throughout the day and continuously run into the same problem. Going back to the rubber band trial, the idea of making the shirt cuff “flexible” (ta-da, flxcuf) and allowing it to expand as it went up one’s arm started to come to life in my mind.

Without any expertise and background in fashion, I had no validation that this idea could work. I just remember seeing a commercial for the Van Heusen shirt with a flex collar that expands for someone’s neck and thought there could be some legs to the idea.

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