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Jared Gold is an American entrepreneur. Jared started PurposeCards in 2019 and is based in Washington, DC.[1]

Jared Gold, founder of PurposeCardsJared Gold, founder of PurposeCards




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Jared started PurposeCards in 2019. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on PurposeCards?

I think I first caught the entrepreneurial bug like most people...I read The Four Hour Workweek (or rather, listened on Audible) back when I was 22, just graduated college, and absolutely hated my job.

Since then, I have been self-employed in stints of multiple years, as well as had the chance to work at two very successful tech startups here in DC.

I have a lot of ideas come into my head with the context of “This should exist.”

Last year, I was sitting at the coffee shop with my notebook (and no phone) - which is my “happy place” and my best ideas come through. I ended up sketching out an idea for a new tab Chrome extension, where every time I opened a new tab, it was like a “personal clarity” dashboard - where I could see images of my goals, along with a sidebar containing my daily focus, habits, and to-dos. I ended up hiring a front-end designer to polish it up and a front-end developer to build it. With no real marketing, it’s up to 1300 weekly active users and a 5-star review on the Chrome web store. I’m really proud of this, considering people are choosing to see my extension every time they open a new tab - which is very often.

> I’ve learned entrepreneurship is a process of a ton of tiny steps, as opposed to a few massive leaps all at once.

I realized that there was something missing though. I wasn’t always at my computer, and I didn’t want to always head back to my computer to figure out my roadmap to a successful day. I knew I wanted something physical with pen-and-paper. I had tried other guided journals before, but they were too clunky, too involved to commit to, or just didn’t fit my aesthetic preferences.

So that’s how I came up with PurposeCards being super minimalist - all fitting on a single card that can go in your wallet (the size of a credit card). People can approach one day at a time, and anyone can commit to the very small amount of time needed to fill out the card.

I was able to throw up a website and share it amongst my network, and we ended up receiving ~$700 in orders for the initial prototype. So we considered that enough validation to launch that initial batch and go from there, which has now materialized into a full Kickstarter.

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