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James Reina is an American entrepreneur. James started Jibby Coffee in 2020.[1]

James Reina, founder of Jibby CoffeeJames Reina, founder of Jibby Coffee


Jibby Coffee


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Jibby Coffee

James started Jibby Coffee in 2020. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Jibby Coffee?

So this is a really interesting piece I want to preface with: we built Jibby Coffee entirely online over the last 9 months. In fact, I hadn’t seen my partner Álvaro in person until just a few weeks ago when we unloaded our first batch of coffee.

We wanted our core product to be a really damn good coffee—and for the CBD to only affect the feeling but not the flavor.

Álvaro and I met in early 2019 during our training period as Venture for America fellows, and our mutual interest in mission-driven entrepreneurship made us fast friends.

When Jibby was just an idea, I was working for an influencer marketing startup in Detroit, and Álvaro was working in economic-development in Birmingham, AL. It was the height of the pandemic—in March I remember. Álvaro and I were catching up on Zoom, both drinking our afternoon coffee. We talked about our lives, and how the combination of startup-stress and COVID was taking its toll on our mental health. Álvaro mentioned he had been adding CBD to coffee, which helped improve his mood and make his coffee a little calmer (his brother, a hemp business veteran, had introduced him to the ingredient early on). So I tried it myself too, and that’s really where it all started.

People have been making coffee the same way for hundreds of years—it’s an experience that’s so rooted in ritual and tradition that the idea of a different, or even improved coffee was frankly crazy, but exciting.

As a Cuban-American-Puerto-Rican, Álvaro has loved coffee and its spirit from a young age and even worked in the industry at Starbucks Spain for a summer internship. I’ve been roasting coffee with my mom since I was a little kid, which inspired me to open a pop-up café in Brooklyn called Devil Spit Coffee back in 2015—so coffee has always been a special part of my life. Now the idea of innovating around an experience that we both loved was really what started this whole adventure.

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