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James Hookway is an Australian entrepreneur. James started Hangover Helpers in 2015.[1]

James Hookway,  of Hangover HelpersJames Hookway, of Hangover Helpers


Hangover Helpers


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Hangover Helpers

James started Hangover Helpers in 2015. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Hangover Helpers?

Both I and my wife had no professional cleaning experience but I am a qualified CPA accountant so understand how a business operates and my wife works in media.

We came up with the idea after hosting an event at our apartment. We woke up hungover in bed with the place trashed and thought how good would it be if we could just lie in bed and have someone come in and clean up the mess and also bring us breakfast and a Powerade. The idea came to reality in about 4-6 months.

I straight away started researching weekend cleaners and especially party cleaners and found a niche in the already saturated market. This business has always been a side hustle and has to this day still worked as an Accountant full time.

When we did our research was literally googling weekend party cleaners or Sunday cleaners and was very limited. It was also nearly impossible to have a last-minute clean for example you wake up hungover like we did and thought I needed someone to help as I can deal with this mess. My mobile has been ringing every weekend over the 5 years for people looking for last-minute emergency cleans (can get annoying) catering companies clean up their own products, they do a vacuum and mop and details clean as we do.

Correct, there are hundreds of cleaners the market is completely saturated and we did think there is a potential risk that people won’t pay a premium for our services but they do. To be honest I have a regular cleaner at my private house and I pay $68 for two cleaners on the weekend for 1 hour (2 hours of cleaning for two staff). We would charge double that. I guess people just love our service. We are friendly, happy to have a laugh, and engage with people. There is a gimmick factor but we also provide a great service, we only have a 5-star review of any many recommendations on our Facebook page.

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