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Jake Jorgovan is an American entrepreneur. Jake started Content Allies in 2018.[1]

Jake Jorgovan,  of Content AlliesJake Jorgovan, of Content Allies


Content Allies


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Content Allies

Jake started Content Allies in 2018. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Content Allies?

This isn’t my first business, in a previous post I wrote about the journey of building up Lead Cookie. Before Lead Cookie I did a lot of consulting around sales and business development.

I’ve also built up my personal brand for years at Jake-Jorgovan.com where I hosted a podcast called “Working Without Pants”. The show has over 200+ episodes and I used the show heavily for networking with other influencers and strategic partners.

At one point, I realized that over 68% of Lead Cookie’s revenue was directly attributable back to my podcast and the relationships I built there. This showed me just how powerful podcasting was as a marketing channel.

After years of using a podcast to grow my own business, I decided it was time to start a business focused on podcasting.

Get the right people on the boat, and the wrong people off. Whenever I have had the wrong people on the team, they were toxic and hurt the potential of the business.

Yet, in reality, I actually went through about 3-4 pivots in Content Allies before I landed on the podcasting niche.

I knew I wanted to do something with content marketing, but it took a lot of failed attempts before I landed on podcasting.

First, we did Linkedin content as a service.

Then we did ghostwrite as a service.

Then we tried to be a generalist content marketing agency.

And eventually, we realized podcasts were the perfect fit for us and our best clients.

Fortunately, I had built Lead Cookie to a stable place when I started Content Allies so I was able to focus a majority of my efforts on Content Allies while Lead Cookie ran without me. This enabled me to bootstrap Content Allies and hire a support team from day one as we launched the business.

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